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ASMR Whispering traditional Russian fairy tale about Yemelia “At the Pike's Behest'. ASMR Relaxing whisper for relaxation and sleep.
What is ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) -
Что такое АСМР (автономная сенсорная меридиональная реакция) -
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ASMRmania - ASMR, relaxation, role play, whisper
Dec 18th 2014 42 Comments
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  53m ago
Donna CarlsonOlesia, I have Lupus and Hughes/Autoimmune. I suffer from severe pain. I
have read that many people find you the absolute most comforting voice for
our type of pain. It is just your soft spoken voice. You made a video about
a neurological visit and ever since I have waited for more long videos of
your talking softly. This would have been perfect had you talked. Could you
PLEASE do this again, same story softly spoken with no whispers. The
whispers are just uncomfortable to many of us. They actually upset the
pain. Your spoken voice is #1 out of ALL others on You Tube to make us
forget the pain, relax and rest. It really does make all the pain go away.
PLEASE redo it in a spoken version. Perhaps do a spoken version and a
separate whisper version. We in the Autoimmune community have come to rely
on your help for pain relief and sleep help. There is just no other voice
as good as yours. It is perfect. I ask you to please please do this for
those of us in so much physical pain. You have no idea how much you have
helped our lives be better. You really do have the best voice I have ever
heard for ASMR and I have had it since I was 5!!!! Please help. Donna - Big
15h ago
rightwingcoingeek66Your video is great, very relaxing. It made me very relaxed. If I may
though, I'd like to give you just a few pronunciation tips:

In English, human is pronounced hyooman

climbed has a silent 'B.' Here are some silent B words:

Germans pronounce the letter 'W' like a V, as if it is a labiodental,
labiodentals are consonants articulated with the lower lip and the upper
teeth. W is a labiovelar consonant, it comes from the lips being *almost*
together, like a pursed set of lips before a kiss. If you know French, it
sounds like the French word for yes - oui. You can hear Oui pronounced here:
or words like wet, work, walk in English:

Take Care & God Bless!
15h ago
Corus Von DI am sorry, I don't like this one. Nice pages and interesting pictures -
but pages turned quick, and no explanation of pages on beginning of book.
Slower puzalshta ?
I don't like alternate ear so much. % it is 100% left and 100% right ,
maybe not so extreme ?
But please do not get better English or American accent. You have
beautiful East Europe pronunciation and accent that is hypnotic and
spell-binding to men in the west.

I suffer from insomnia - very bad sleepless nights..... yet I can count
on wonderful "Oleysa" and her wonderful videos - the only thing that can
relax me and put me to sleep.

I know I am not the only one.
- it must be powerful feeling that so many people around the world love
your videos to help them. Thousands of people fall asleep at the sound
of your voice every night.

I need to teach you hypnosis.....I was personally taught by a Hypnotist
who is world Record Holder for stage Hypnosis....most held-over shows ever.
'Shawn Masters.- Phyllis Diller is number 2. (I'm talking about in the
West of course)

- I was personally trained by Shawn for a little over 3 years.... I met
him when he was working at Northside Hospital's child cancer unit....using
ALT therapy to keep pain down on the kids.

- He proved it on me - I had all 4 wisdom teeth out ( 2 were
semi-impacted) ...ate spaghetti 6 hours later that night, had crunchy
tacos the next night. No pain killers. He video taped it. It's
recorded. Felt like Dr. was flossing my teeth.

- This procedure was highly documented and performed by a Board Certified
Oral Surgeon.
I didn't think anything much of it, but I think his name was Dr. Black.


Ms Oleysa, - would love to thank everything you do for me and my sleep.
You make so much of my success possible, so please.....anything I can do
for you, just ask.

Thank you,
T. Andrew

1 day ago
ASindyMRI really really enjoy these fairytale videos that you are making, both the
Russian and English versions. You have helped me relax during this
stressful exam period :D
1 day ago
Katarina Smileя так напугалась звука "А", когда он нечаянно вылетел, а потом хохотала
лежала, тоже хороший эффект от асмр))))
1 day ago
JimGo89Ох уж этот Емеля
1 day ago
VanderVTHE BEST EVER, congratulations you now have become the worlds best ASMR
1 day ago
ccridernice video... pleasant voice and relaxing tingles... and Милая девушка ;)
1 day ago
IAmTheEmilyAnneI love love love your videos!
1 day ago
Katherine WhisperSo relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you